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Tradition White Wine -...
(4,4/5) out of 7 total ratings
This organic Gaillac white french wine Tradition with the pale yellow color with the green reflections does not lack vivacity. Its intense fruitiness is found in a clear, frank and fresh mouth.
Premières Côtes White Wine...
(4,7/5) out of 6 total ratings
Pale yellow with a green tinge. Sharp at first, then fine floral aromas. Typical finish on notes of green apple and pear. Perfect for drinking young,with fish and sea food, white meat, or mushroom dishes.
Héritage White Wine -...
(4,9/5) out of 9 total ratings
Clear & bright yellow with a hint of green, an elegant and intense nose of peach and vanilla. The palate is long and smooth, slightly buttery, with low tannins.
copy of Fraicheur Perlée...
(5/5) out of 3 total ratings
This Gaillac white wine Fraîcheur Perlée is pale gold in color with slightly green tints, this wine offers a fruity and fresh nose. The fine pearls will retain the sensation of freshness and exacerbate the natural aromas of Far from the Eye and Sauvignon. To drink very fresh, it is an excellent wine for aperitif and seafood.
Tradition Sweet White wine...
(4,2/5) out of 5 total ratings
Clear straw coloured with an elegant ample palate. Full & well balanced with a long palate, it offers aromas of pear and juicy apple. Excellent with foie gras or even roquefort, it can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or with desserts such as apple pie.
Vendanges tardives Les...
(5/5) out of 5 total ratings
Clear & deep golden yellow colour. Intense fruity nose with notes of honey, dried apricots & sultanas. Full & well balanced, long palate.
Vin blanc Primeur bio 2016...
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(4,5/5) out of 2 total ratings
Découvrez notre vin blanc primeur bio 2016.
Bag in box 5L - Cubi vin...
(5/5) out of 1 total ratings
Découverte du Domaine de...
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(5/5) out of 1 total ratings
copy of Bag in box 5L -...
(5/5) out of 1 total ratings