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Prunelart Red Wine -...
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Prunelart Red Wine - Gaillac IGP - Domaine de Labarthe

Domaine de Labarthe
Red wine Gaillac IGP Prunelart of character delivers a typical ensemble, with a very dark and purplish color, notes of ripe fruit (plum, prune, raspberry) lined with flowery notes (violet, peony). Mouth harmonious carried by notes of red fruits liquorice, fat to ample, beautiful material with coated tannins. Beautiful aromatic expression.
Tradition Rosé wine -...
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This organic Gaillac rosé wine from the Domaine de Labarthe offers a clear glow of brilliant shine. Its intense fragrances and roundness in the mouth will accompany admirably all summer entries as well as charcuterie, grills and meats.
Tradition Sweet White wine...
Clear straw coloured with an elegant ample palate. Full & well balanced with a long palate, it offers aromas of pear and juicy apple. Excellent with foie gras or even roquefort, it can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or with desserts such as apple pie.
Vin rouge Moulis Cru...
La vinification traditionnelle se déroule avec tout d'abord une attention particulière portée à l'état de la vendange effectuée au maximum de la maturité du raisin. Celui-ci est totalement éraflé avant macération en cuves, sous contrôle thermique. Ce n'est qu'au bout de 2 à 3 semaines que le vin nouveau est tiré, ayant ainsi acquis sa structure et sa...

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